Chapter 8:
Descriptions of Fort Antonia Part I

This chapter sets forth the many respects in which Fort Antonia, the Roman camp,

matches the description of today’s alleged temple mount. For example, it has the size and shape

of a typical Roman camp, with room for the many features Josephus described for it, particularly

that it was like a city or several cities. This is compared with the current illustrations of Fort

Antonia, imagined to be northwest of the alleged temple mount, looking more like a hotel than a

camp, and positioned flush against the mount’s walls, not at all as Josephus described it, connected by

two 600-foot aerial bridges.

The history of the “rock” under the Dome of the Rock is also examined, revealing that no

description like it exists for the temple’s construction, but Josephus mentions just such a rock

around which Fort Antonia was built.