Chapter 5:
Descriptions of the Temples

This chapter highlights the numerous disparities between the ancient descriptions of the

temple and the reality of the alleged temple mount. Josephus describes the east wall as 450 feet high,

and its circumference as a much smaller square, not a large trapezoid, like the alleged

temple mount. He describes the temple foundations on a level with the narrow streets of the City

of David and its hill descending gradually towards the east parts of the city. There has never

been a city on the east parts of the alleged temple mount and its walls never adjoined to the City

of David.

Josephus said the temple’s east wall was built in the Kidron Valley, not upslope like the

alleged temple mount. It had a spring within its enclosure and a deep and broad valley

surrounding it. Descriptions of the gates and towers do not match the those of the alleged temple

mount, nor does its unfinished state.