Chapter 2:
The City of David/Jerusalem in the Israelite Period

Since the premise of the “temple mount” traditionalists is that David or Solomon

appended a large northerly acreage to the City of David/Jerusalem, in order to make way for the

temple and acropolis, this chapter clarifies the boundaries of the City of David/Jerusalem were

confined to the southeastern hill and not beyond. There are no sources which describe any edifice north

of the city until 134 B.C.”, while many sources describe the curved southeastern

hill as Mount Zion, the residence of the temple.

Biblical scriptures show (1) David built his palace in the City of David and resided there

until he died, (2) this palace was south of the Gihon Spring, and (3) the threshing floor of

Ornan/Araunah stood on the Ophel/Mount Zion, in the middle of the City of David/Jerusalem.

Again, there is no large, northerly extension described at all, excluding the Dome of the Rock as

a location for the temple.