Chapter 11:
Archaeology of the City of David/Jerusalem

This chapter examines the excavations in the City of David which pertain to the proposed

existence of the temples at its center. Drawings illustrate the positions where Solomon’s temple

and its expansions would have covered a growing area in different periods. Structures like the

Rock-cut pool, its interior house, and the rock columns in this area have been dated to a period

challenging the City of David theory.

Josephus’s height for the temple is tested against the height of the alleged temple

mount’s plaza and Warren’s bedrock measurements. Other evidence is compared with the

ancient descriptions, such as the excavations uncovering quarries and garbage dumps. No

counterparts have been uncovered on the alleged temple mount.

E. Mazar’s claims to have unearthed Solomon’ wall, the Water Gate, Solomon’s palace,

and David’s palace are examined and shown to have no correspondence with the descriptions of

Josephus and the Bible.