Chapter 10:
The Archaeology of Fort Antonia,
the Alleged Temple Mount

This chapter emphasizes how the position, underground, walls, and gates of the alleged

temple mount match descriptions of Fort Antonia, but not the temple. For example, there is no

gate of Herodian date which enters onto the alleged temple mount’s plaza–no counterpart to the

eastern gate described by Josephus. In addition, archaeologists have dated the masonry on the

east wall to five different periods. A Herodian date is not favored, except for the extensions.

The Hasmonean dating corresponds with the east wall being that of the Baris, described in the

sources as north of the temple.

The Temple Mount Salvage Operation has resulted in many findings showing it was not

abandoned after the destruction, as formerly thought. Parts of the north wall and the

northwestern corner were unfinished, while Josephus says the temple was completed. The gates

on the western wall do not all match the descriptions of Josephus.