Chapter 1:
Spiritual and Symbolic Aspects of the City of David

The purpose of this chapter is to establish the city of the temple as a sort of blessed shell

around the Lord’s residence, with its king as the co-guardian of its holiness. The City of

David/Jerusalem had a precursor in Salem, the city of the high priest Melchizedek, who built the

first temple there. After David conquered Jebus, the former Salem, he called the whole city

Mount Zion, as well as the mountain on which the temple stood, in the middle of it. David

brought the ark and tabernacle to the City of David and, along with the Gihon Spring, which

served the needs of the sacrificial rituals, they served as symbolic, spiritual reminders of the

presence of God. The northerly extension, now called “Mount Moriah,” where the alleged

temple mount stands, had no part in this configuration of holiness.