Marilyn Sams holds a B.A. and M.A. in English and American Literature from the University of Utah and Brigham Young University. Her interest in Bible history, a trip to Jerusalem, and reading Ernest L. Martin’s The Temples that Jerusalem Forgot, ignited the research which has ended in this book. Contact her at


The following is a review on Amazon from Bob Ellsworth, a long-time colleague of Dr. Ernest L. Martin, who is familiar with all the issues of the temple location controversy:

“I was a decades-long associate of Dr Ernest Martin, whose book The Temples that Jerusalem Forgot, is credited by author Marilyn Sams as her starting point in investigating the question of the actual location of the Solomonic and Herodian Temples. Having been familiar with the basic tenets of this debate since Dr; Martin first published on this question in 1998, I can honestly say that Ms Sams grasp of the question, and attention to the archaeological and historical detail involved, is simply unsurpassed. Her knowledge and understanding of the complex topography of Jerusalem is also amazing. In addition, she has researched this subject to such an extent that she provides a great number of new sources, and indeed, new arguments, that favor Dr. Martin’s conclusions. The fact that the book is thus far only available on Kindle is unfortunate, and I hope the author has plans to publish a hard copy version as well.”

Bob Ellsworth,
Pasadena, California

“This is an important book, setting out in an easily accessible form facts about the Jerusalem Temple that very few people know. Marilyn Sams brings together a vast array of ancient evidence to argue that the Jerusalem Temple was not on the Temple Mount. She builds on the work of Ernest Martin, whom she acknowledges, and presents a compelling case that the Jerusalem Temple was in fact to the south-east of the Temple Mount. This is a highly sensitive topic dealing with the most contested piece of real estate in the world, and her findings have implications far beyond the world of archaeology and biblical studies.”

Margaret Barker, D.D
Biblical Scholar
Author of 28 Books

“I found this work to be surprisingly scholarly, rich in both biblical, extra-biblical and archeological references that come together to support the author’s premise that Melchizedek’s, Solomon’s and Herod’s temples all stood roughly in the center of what is known as the City of David (the southeastern hill/modern Silwan). The author also unpacks some of the flaws in the traditionalist views held by such scholars as Ritmeyer, Bahat and E. Mazar, who hold that the Jerusalem temples sat in what is traditionally considered the Temple Mount complex (Northern hill above the Ophel). Unfortunately, the author’s work may not be taken seriously because she does not carry scholarly credentials sufficient to draw the attention of the academic community, a community not ready for its paradigms to be challenged by a David-type figure. What a shame. She gets 5+ stars from me!”

Bob Fair
Google Play Review